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Most popular dog breeds in the world

Most amazing origami designs

Best comics of all time
Best online libraries

Computers and Technology:
Best antivirus programs
Best music players for Linux
Best music players for Windows
Best photo editing tools
Best desktop tools for Windows
Best Web 2.0 tools
Best smart TV apps
Best social media portals in the USA

Most popular battery sizes

Most fascinating flying devices
Most interesting knights tournaments in the USA

Best fashion shows in the world

Healthiest fruits
Healthiest vegetables
Most popular types of bread
Most popular fast food items
Best potato dishes
Best coffee in the world
Best restaurants in the US

Best comedy movies
Best drama movies
Best action movies
Best sci-fi movies
Best horror movies
Best horror comedy movies
Best vampire comedy movies
Best post-apocalyptic movies
Best coming of age movies
Best biographical movies
Best biographical music documentaries
Best biographical sports documentaries
Best TV-series based on women’s friendships
Best family movies featuring aliens
Best children’s animated alien movies
Best independent film festivals in the US

Best museums in NYC
Best contemporary art museums in the world
Smallest museums in the world
Best railway museums in the United States

Best American rock bands
Best American indie rock bands
Best American blues bands
Best American jazz bands
Best American country bands
Best American metalcore bands
Best Canadian indie rock bands
Best British rock bands of all time
Best DJs in the UK
Best music festivals in the US
Most popular guitar types

Top international human rights organizations
Top environmental organizations
Top disability organizations
Top economic development organizations

Best Android apps
Best legendary models of mobile phones

Best CMS
Best free WordPress themes
Best CSS tools
Best web development tools
Best forum development software
Best PHP programming tools
Best flash development tools
Best JavaScript frameworks
Best MySQL tools

Most interesting bicycle races for amateurs
Most interesting winter sports
Most interesting marathons in the world
Most interesting triathlons in the world

Best Broadway shows

Best places to travel in the world
Best places for canoeing and kayaking in the United States
Best tourist attractions in Rwanda

Video games:
Best video games of all time