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This is a comprehensive list of the top 10 vampire comedy movies of the 21st century, based on aggregated opinions of critics, as well as personal preferences.

Top 10 Vampire Comedy Movies of the 21st Century

Title of the Movie
Year / Country / Director / Cast
Movie Description
1 What We Do in the Shadows Release Date:

New Zealand, USA

Jemaine Clement, Taika Waititi

Jemaine Clement, Taika Waititi, Jonny Brugh, Cori Gonzalez-Macuer, Ben Fransham, Stu Rutherford, Jackie van Beek, Karen O'Leary, Mike Minogue, Elena Stejko, Jason Hoyte, Chelsie Preston Crayford, Ian Harcourt
Four vampires – Petyr, Viago, Vladislav, and Deacon – live together in a flat in Wellington, New Zealand. The only human they trust with their secret is Jackie, who wishes to be turned into a vampire herself. One evening, Jackie lures her ex-boyfriend Nick to the flat so that the vampires can kill him, but it doesn’t go to plan. Instead, Nick is merely injured and later transforms into a vampire.

The four vampires welcome their new apprentice into the group, as well as his human friend Stu, who introduces the centuries-old immortals to modern technology. Using the internet, Viago discovers his former love Katherine is still alive and living in a care home.

Nick struggles with the secretive lifestyle of a vampire, revealing his status to strangers on multiple occasions. A vampire hunter hears his secret and breaks into the flat, exposing Petyr to sunlight, which kills him. The three remaining originals blame Nick for the sequence of events that caused the death of their friend, and his is expelled from the group.

Viago, Vladislav, and Deacon attend a supernatural masquerade ball, attended by other creatures, such as werewolves and witches. They discover that Nick has transformed Jackie into a vampire, which further adds to their resentment of him. Stu and a couple of his friends are filming the event; when the attendees discover they are human, all hell breaks loose. Stu is cornered by ravenous werewolves and turned by them. Although the vampires are devastated that he has been attacked, it actually brings about a new harmony between the two factions. In the spirit of reconciliation, Nick is allowed back into the group, and the established vampires help Jackie to adjust to her new life.

This fun and quirky movie from New Zealand is a treat for anyone who loves their comedy as dark as a vampire’s living room.
2 Dark Shadows Release Date:

USA, Australia

Tim Burton

Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Helena Bonham Carter, Jackie Earle Haley, Eva Green, Jonny Lee Miller, Chloë Grace Moretz, Bella Heathcote, Alice Cooper, Gulliver McGrath, Ray Shirley, Christopher Lee, Josephine Butler
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. It’s a lesson Barnabas Collins learns in terrifying fashion in this comedy horror, directed by Tim Burton. It’ll be no surprise to learn that Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter play leading roles!

The first part of the movie takes place in 18th century New England. This Collins family moves from Liverpool in the UK to make a new life across the Atlantic. They give their new fishing town the imaginative moniker Collinstown.

The young Barnabus meets a girl names Angelique, who immediately takes a liking to him. However, he does not return her enthusiasm, and she spends years pining for him.

In adulthood, Barnabus falls for a woman named Josette, which angers Angelique. She places a jinx on the Collins family that has murderous results. To Barnabus she delivers the most curiously devastating curse; immortality as a vampire. Angelique uses magic to coerce Josette into jumping from a cliff, which devastates Barnabus. Worse still, Angelique reports to the townsfolk that Barnabus is a vampire, and they retaliate by burying him alive.

We cut to early 1970s Collinstown. Elizabeth Collins Stoddard has inherited the family home, where she lives with her nephew David. David confides in his new governess, Victoria, that he sees ghosts. Whilst she tries to convince him that there are no such things as ghosts, she secretly sees them too. That night, the ghost of Josette visits Victoria, telling her that “he’s coming”.

Barnabus’ coffin is dug up by construction workers, and he escapes into a strange new world, where he promptly feeds on some unwitting victims. He approaches the family home and manages to prove to a shocked Elizabeth that his identity is true. Barnabus takes an immediate interest in Victoria, who looks unnervingly like Josette. This angers Angelique, who has been lurking in the town for centuries. Barnabus rejects Angelique again, and pursues Victoria. Angelique attempts to exact revenge against Barnabus’ new love, but a delightfully horrific twist thwarts her yet again.
3 Vamps Release Date:


Amy Heckerling

Alicia Silverstone, Krysten Ritter, Larry Wilmore, Bettina Bresnan, Sigourney Weaver, Todd Barry, Taylor Negron, Emily Goldwyn, Glen Trotiner, Zak Orth, Amir Arison, Wallace Shawn, Justin Kirk, Scott Thomson
You’ve seen Sex and the City, now turn your attention to Vampires in the City! Stacy and Goody are two vampires living the good life in New York. Goody was turned in 1841, and Stacy in the early 1990s, both by a vampire named Ciccerus. Goody mentored Stacy during the new and confusing process of becoming immortal, and the two forged a firm friendship.

Goody runs into her old boyfriend, Danny. She starts seeing him again under the pretence of being her own daughter, but Danny soon discovers the truth about her immortality. Goody admits that whilst she did love him, she ended the relationship as he deserved the chance to build a life with someone less complicated.

Meanwhile, Stacy has found her own beau, in the form of college student Joey. As luck would have it, Joey is the son of a vampire slayer, Dr Van Helsing. Joey discovers that Stacy is a vampire, but the two agree to continue dating. Stacy becomes pregnant, but is distressed when she finds out that the baby won’t survive unless Stacy becomes human again.

Goody knows that the only way to become human is for a vampire’s stem to die. The two agree to hunt Ciccerus down and revert to humanity. When the time comes, Goody and Stacy are returned to their true ages. Goody, who has always disguised how old she really is, realises that her remaining time will be brief.

Goody’s wholesome backstory will warm your heart, and whilst she is no longer immortal, Stacy ensures that Goody’s name continues to live on. A fun movie with a thought-provoking storyline and plenty of laughs.
4 Only Lovers Left Alive Release Date:

Germany, UK, France, Greece, USA, Cyprus

Jim Jarmusch

Tilda Swinton, Tom Hiddleston, Anton Yelchin, Jeffrey Wright, Mia Wasikowska, Slimane Dazi, Carter Logan, Aurélie Thépaut, John Hurt, Ali Amine, Hawchi Mustapha
A twisted love story with hipster vampires at its core, Only Loves Left Alive tells the tale of immortals Adam and Eve, who have been married for hundreds of years but now live apart. Adam is a tortured artiste with a disdain for modernity, while Eve has fled to Tangiers to throw herself into literature. Neither feed directly on humans, instead relying on blood banks for their fix.

Adam has become suicidal, as a result of isolation and frustration with humanity. He is incredibly gifted, but can’t seem to find an outlet that gives him purpose. He has gathered devoted fans thanks to his music, but doesn’t wish to interact with them.

During a phone call, Eve notices how desperate Adam has become, and flies to his home in Detroit to offer support. She is further alarmed when she discovers a gun loaded with a wooden bullet under Adam’s bed. She confronts him, and tries to convince him that his immortality is worth preserving. They rekindle their marriage, but the arrival of Eve’s sister Ava disrupts the progress they’ve made together. Adam’s human friend, Ian, who helps him to find vintage instruments, is killed by Ava in a feeding attempt that goes disastrously wrong.

Whilst Adam and Eve hide the body, they realise that any investigation places them at risk. Intending the return to Eve’s home in Tangiers, they stop by their friend Marlowe en route, but discover that he has been poisoned by contaminated blood. With the noose tightening around them, they spot two lovers kissing. Desperate for another hit, but with their supplies cut off, they consider the unthinkable.
5 Netherbeast Incorporated Release Date:


Dean Matthew Ronalds (as Dean Ronalds)

Steve Burns, Darrell Hammond, Dave Foley, Amy Davidson, Judd Nelson, Brian Ronalds, Jason Mewes, Robyn Allen, Maiz Lucero, Jeremy Childs, Joshua Childs, Bill Lippincott, Bob Rue, Robert Wagner, John Schile
Some of us may believe that corporations are full of ruthless immortals, but in the case of Berm-Tech Industries, this is entirely accurate. The otherwise run-of-the-mill company is run entirely by vampires.

At the top of the organisation is Turner Claymore, who has been in charge for decades. However, Turner is beginning to show signs of the vampire equivalent of dementia. He is forgetful, making frequent mistakes and strange decisions. He’s also taken to killing his workers. Right-hand man Otto finds the most recent victim with a wooden stake through his heart. Mutterings of Turner’s growing affliction become rife.

One of Turner’s most dangerous decisions, aside from the killing spree, is hiring humans to work for Berm-Tech. The first through the door is an efficiency expert named Steven. Soon, a rabble of humans begin roaming the halls. For the vampire majority, this is a double threat. Not only is the presence of humans an enticing treat, but they risk being exposed if one of their new colleagues catches on.

Netherbeast Incorporated offers plenty of laughs, as well as some genuinely grisly scenes. It’s the perfect mix of horror and comedy, with a quirky independent twist!
6 Vampire Academy Release Date:


Mark Waters

Zoey Deutch, Lucy Fry, Danila Kozlovsky, Gabriel Byrne, Dominic Sherwood, Sarah Hyland, Olga Kurylenko, Sami Gayle, Claire Foy, Cameron Monaghan, Joely Richardson, Ashley Charles, Dominique Tipper, Edward Holcroft
It’s a high school drama, but not as we know it! Having escaped from their vampire boarding school a year before the events of the movie, Rose Hathaway and Lissa Dragomir are returned to Montana to resume their studies.

They are reintroduced to the cliques and complex social structure of their school. Just because they’re immortal, it doesn’t mean these kids are any better behaved! Despite initial reticence, Rose soon has a reason to stay, in the form of fellow student Dimitri Belikov.

Lissa has no time for teenage romance. Threatening messages begin appearing around the school, and it is discovered that classmate Mia has been up to mischief. Mia once dated Lissa’s brother Andre, but his rogue behaviour ended the relationship, and she sought revenge by focusing on Lissa.

It transpires that Lissa has a rare ability, called Spirit, that allows her to heal injuries and save the dying. Unfortunately, dead animals have an alarming tendency to follow Lissa, or at least die in her presence. Mia swears it isn’t her, but Lissa and Rose remain suspicious.

It is only when Lissa is kidnapped that Rose, Dimitri, and Lissa’s potential love interest Christian realise the severity of the situation. It’s much bigger than Mia, that’s for sure.

Thanks to its thrilling storyline and well-rounded characters, Vampire Academy is silly, light-hearted, and devilishly fun!
7 Therapy for a Vampire Release Date:

Austria, Switzerland

David Rühm

Anatole Taubman, Tobias Moretti, Dominic Oley, Karl Fischer, Cornelia Ivancan, Erni Mangold, Julia Jelinek, Lars Rudolph, Katharina Gorgi, David Bennent, Jeanette Hain, Verena Altenberger, Dominic Marcus Singer
If you’re looking to diversify your cinematic experience, this hilarious horror from Austria should be next on your list.

Count Geza von Kozsnom has been married to his wife Elsa for 700 years. Not figuratively; literally. Their immortal romance has become stale, however, and the two turn to none other than Sigmund Freud for relationship counselling.

Geza realises that he has never truly stopped lasting after his former flame, Nadila. He runs into a human woman named Lucy, who has a passing resemblance to Nadila. Geza takes this as a sign, becoming convinced that Lucy is actually the reincarnation of Nadila. Geza decides to distract his wife by arranging Lucy’s boyfriend Victor, an artist, to paint her picture. She accepts, as she is desperate to see an image of her own face.

This seemingly simple case of wife-swapping is complicated by the trappings of being immortal, and each relationship is put under the strain of mistrust and infidelity.

Therapy for a Vampire subverts many of the tropes that tend to be found in comedy horrors, and looks at the concepts of long-standing marriage, the excitement of new romance, and the practicalities of vampire-human relationships with extraordinary flair and originality.
8 Frostbite Release Date:

Sweden, Russia

Anders Banke

Petra Nielsen, Carl-Åke Eriksson, Emma Åberg, Grete Havnesköld, Gustav Johansson, Jonas Lawes, Linnea Jonsson, Niklas Grönberg, Måns Nathanaelson, Nour El-Refai, Mikael Göransson, Jonas Karlström, Anna Lindholm, Malin Levanon
Most teenagers revel in the night-time; parties, staying up all night playing video games, or just sleeping. However, a month-long permanent night could be a bit much.

That’s the prospect faced by Saga, a Swedish girl moving even further north with her mother Annika. Despite the reluctance of her daughter, doctor Annika decides to move the family to Lapland, in order to work with respected geneticist Dr Beckert.

All is not lost for Saga, however, as she soon makes a new friend; the hard-partying goth Vega. Saga attends a party with Vega that soon spirals out of control. Vega had purchased some drugs from a medical student, Sebastian, but what he delivers are underwhelming. Instead of the usual buzz, partygoers transform into vampires. Their aggression reaches a fever point and a violent rumble ensues.

Meanwhile, Annika is assessing a coma patient, when the patient suddenly wakes up and bites her. She asks Beckert for assistance, but when he realises what has happened, he knocks Annika out to subdue her. It transpires that Beckert was part of a platoon that was attacked by vampires during World War 2. He was the sole survivor, and swore to dedicate his life to finding a cure for vampirism. Over time, he took more of an interest in creating a hybrid human-vampire species. The pills taken by Sebastian and the attendees of the party were actually filled with vampire blood, which Beckert had been using to study the spread of immortality.

Enraged, Annika kills Beckert, but soon realises that she has become a victim. At the party, Saga is hiding in the basement from the ruckus above. She is rescued when the police arrive, but whilst travelling in an ambulance, she is horrified to realise she recognises the woman driving. Except, the woman now has the demonic scarlet eyes of a vampire!
9 Suck Release Date:


Rob Stefaniuk

Rob Stefaniuk, Jessica Paré, Paul Anthony, Henry Rollins, Chris Ratz, Mike Lobel, Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop, Dimitri Coats, Barbara Mamabolo, Dave Foley, Malcolm McDowell, Alex Lifeson, Carole Pope
A horror comedy faux-rockumentary? Holy genre-blending, Batman! Suck follows the fortunes of a flopped rock band, ironically named the Winners, as they embark upon a North American tour.

The significant spanner in the works is that one of the band’s members, Jennifer, has been transformed into a vampire. However, a dire situation actually boosts the band’s following, thanks to Jennifer’s rejuvenated appearance.

Not all of the band’s new followers have good intentions, however. Notorious vampire hunter Eddie Van Helsing has caught wind of Jennifer’s affliction, and makes her his next target. Meanwhile, each of the band members become vampires. Whilst it’s exciting for some of the group, and their following increases exponentially, there is some disquiet. One of the band members, Joey, becomes disillusioned by the practicalities of being a vampire, and raises the possibility of turning back into a human with Jennifer. They pursue Queenie, the stem vampire, intent on killing him and freeing themselves.

Eddie takes his opportunity to divide and conquer. A fight breaks out between Queenie, Jennifer, and Joey, which results in Queenie attempting to stab Eddie, but in the brawl Queenie is fatally stabbed by Joey. As a result of Queenie’s death, all of the band members are returned to humanity.

However, that’s not enough for Jennifer and Joey. They become bored by their human status, and meet a mysterious man at a bar, who offers them the chance to be even more powerful than they were previously. Did we hear something about never making a pact with the devil? Jennifer and Joey clearly didn’t get the memo!
10 Vampires Suck Release Date:


Jason Friedberg, Aaron Seltzer

Jenn Proske, Matt Lanter, Chris Riggi, Diedrich Bader, Anneliese van der Pol, Ken Jeong, David DeLuise, Crista Flanagan, Nick Eversman, Kelsey Ledgin, Dave Foley, Jeff Witzke, Stephanie Fischer, Zane Holtz, Michael Hanson
Are you in the mood for – fully intentional pun alert - biting satire? You’ve come to the right place! Vampires Suck is a tongue-in-cheek spoof based upon the Twilight movies.

If you’ve had the dubious pleasure of sitting through the inexplicably popular trilogy-plus-change, you’ll recognise many of the tweaked plot points. Becca Crane (yes, they went there) moves to a sleepy town called Sporks to live with her sheriff father, Frank. A spate of crime has been erroneously blamed on Canadians, but the true criminals are a group of vampires.

At school, Becca makes friends easily, but she can’t keep her eyes off the enticingly distant and enigmatic Edward Sullen. Sullen by name, sullen by nature. They meet properly in biology class, and Edward prevents Bella being crushed in the school parking lot by using another student as a human shield when a van gets too close to the new girl.

The two grow closer, and Edward reveals that he is a vampire. Becca decides to continue the budding relationship, but it is cut short due to an incident with one of Edward’s family members. Edwards calls off their romance and goes into hiding for several months.

Although devastated, the break gives Becca the chance to reacquaint with one of her childhood friends, Jacob White. He’s a werewolf but finds himself persistently transformed into a chihuahua.

When Edward returns, Becca is faced with a dilemma; vampire or chihuahua? Fangirls on both sides make a convincing case, but Becca must go with her heart.

Vampires Suck doesn’t do subtle comedy, but it does manage to blend horror with laughs in spectacular fashion!

Let’s take a closer look at the components that make a great vampire-comedy movie!

Dark humour
Gallows humour is a must in this blended genre. There’s no space for precious sensitivities. Horror-comedy movies will take you there, whether you like it or not. As much as vampire are romanticised, their behaviour is terrifying. Making comedy out of that premise requires a masterful command of the darker side of entertainment. Pull it off, and you have a winner.

Compelling characters
Of course, this point is not isolated to the comedy-horror arena. Compelling characters are an essential, whatever the genre. We have a tendency to view periphery horror and comedy characters as almost disposable, but there’s something to be said for spending more time on developing characters. The more you know about the human (or other creature) on the screen, the greater opportunity to make a connection. It also helps to use character traits to set up in-jokes with the audience!

Satirising the genre
Some dramatic vampire movies take themselves way too seriously. Subverting that pretentiousness with satire is an effective way to acknowledge the quirkiness of the subject matter and twist it with light-hearted execution.

Take Vampires Suck, for example. Everyone knows that Twilight was a huge success, which makes it ripe for satire. Pointing out the fantastical storyline or the obsessive fangirls is not necessarily disrespectful; it’s more of a jovial and affectional appreciation of the series for what it is.

Maintaining suspense
When comedy is added to a horror, we might expect that the latter will be watered down to make space for laughs. That’s not necessarily the case. There’s plenty of suspense, terror, and gore to go around. Whilst some movies will naturally omit the blood and guts, others aren’t afraid to hit the audience with alternating giggles and disgust. In fact, the heightened emotional response can significantly enhance the overall experience.