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Now that you have a Smart TV, you’re probably super excited to try it out. However, you’ll soon realize that the huge number of apps out there make owning one of these devices a bit stressful. To help you make the most of your new TV, consider this list of the best Smart TV apps.

The 10 Best Smart TV Apps

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1 Netflix If you have any interest at all in keeping up with current pop culture, then Netflix is far and away the best Smart TV app you can get. Netflix originally started as a DVD delivery service. Using a paper form, you would choose the movies or TV shows you’d like to watch, and then in a matter of a few days, they would arrive at your door. You could keep them for as long as you want and send them back for new ones once finished. As a monthly subscription service with millions of movies available, this business model completely changed how the world watched movies.

As technology increased, Netflix adapted and began offering a streaming service. This allowed you to watch movies right on your computer, instantly. There was no longer a need to wait for the DVDs to come. Once again, this completely changed the way we watch TV.

At first, this streaming service was only available on your computer, but little by little, more devices, such as DVD players and game systems such as Xbox and Playstation, began integrating Netflix so that it would be easier for you to watch. Nowadays, with the invention of Smart TVs that can hook up to an internet connection, it’s even easier than before. You simply need to download the Netflix app, put in your account details, and you can be watching your favorite movies and TV shows in a matter of minutes.

Since the primary function of a TV is still to watch movies, the Netflix app is certainly the most useful app you can download for your Smart TV. It has thousands of different movies and TV shows, including several original series you can only watch on Netflix, such as Orange is the New Black and House of Cards.

If you have a Smart TV, then download the Netflix app. It’s definitely one of the best Smart TV apps that will allow you to make the most of this high-tech device.
2 HULU Plus As you would likely expect with something as popular as TV, Netflix has competitors. And these competitors have done such a good job of offering a quality service that they deserve to be on the list of the most useful Smart TV apps. One such competitor is HULU Plus. This is the paid version of HULU. By signing up for their monthly subscription service, you get access to their enormous library of movies and TV shows, most of which is ad-free.

HULU specializes in currently-airing TV shows. The only TV shows you’ll find on Netflix are either Netflix originals, which air all at the same time, or past shows that have been taken off the air. With HULU plus, you can catch up on past seasons of current TV shows and then watch the new episodes as they come out.

However, one of the reasons why HULU doesn’t make it into the first position on this list is the quality of its content. It may have more titles, but you’ll find that a lot of this extra content is stuff you’re not going to watch. You’ll likely end up sticking to the most current and popular TV shows. Netflix’s original content is award-winning and wide-ranging, giving it a clear leg up over HULU. Also, HULU is definitely more geared towards television, not movies. As a result, it might feel like you’re paying the same amount but using the service less.

Nonetheless, HULU Plus is still a fantastic service that you will get a lot of use out of on your Smart TV. Much like other apps, all you need to do is download it, enter your information and watch. You can view all your favorite content right there on your TV in full high-definition with top-notch quality.
3 Amazon Instant One of the main reasons Amazon Instant is such a useful app for your Smart TV is that it is included free with an Amazon Prime membership. Prime has taken the world of eCommerce by storm, bringing products to people at cheaper prices and with faster delivery times. If you already a subscription for this service, then all you need to do is download the app and you can have access to all the videos available on Amazon Prime.

Since Amazon jumped into the streaming service game a bit later than some of it’s competitors, it has fewer contracts with the major TV studios, meaning there are less television shows to watch through Amazon Instant. But there is no shortage of movies. Also, some major events, such as big games or news events, are streamed through Amazon Instant, making it easier for you to watch these programs right from your Smart TV.

One of the main disadvantages to Amazon Instant is that it is only available inside the United States. Since you’ll be watching it on a Smart TV, this is only a problem if you live somewhere other than the US. However, because of the wide-range of content, the ease of use, and its inclusion in your Amazon Prime membership, Amazon Instant is easily one of the most useful apps you can download and use on your Smart TV.
4 HBO GO The usefulness of the HBO GO app can be summed up in three words: Game of Thrones. The television event of the decade, Game of Thrones, or GOT, to fans, has taken the world by storm. Social media explodes when each episode comes out, and if you don’t watch it as soon as it’s available, then you run the risk of having the many twists and turns that have made this program so popular spoiled for you.

Because of its popularity, HBO works very hard to limit access to the episodes. It’s very difficult, if not impossible, to find them anywhere else besides HBO. But if you have the HBO Go app on your Smart TV, then you can watch each new episode as soon as it comes out.

Of course, there is more content available through the HBO Go app besides Game of Thrones. You’ll have access to thousands of different movie titles, as well as all the other TV shows HBO has released throughout the years. Many of these shows, which include the likes of The Sorpranos, The Wire and Boardwalk Empire, are considered to be some of the best TV shows of all time, so if you haven’t had the chance to watch them, then the HBO Go will be even more useful for you.
5 Skype One of the most beneficial things to come out of the digital revolution is the increased ability we have to communicate with each other. First, email made it easier to send letters to people from around the world, but faster Internet speeds and cheaper, smaller cameras, have made it far easier for us to communicate with each other at any time and from any place using audio and visual.

Skype was one of the first services to offer video calls with sufficient quality to make it worthwhile. It was originally an application only for your computer, but now you can get it on your phone, tablet and Smart TV as well.

One of the big advantages to the Skype Smart TV app, and the reason why it makes it onto the list of best Smart TV apps, is that it allows you to have conversations with lots of people. One of the problems with using Skype on your phone or computer is that you’re limited to a smaller camera angle and screen size. The more people on one end of the call, the harder it will be for everyone to make it onto the screen.

This isn’t a huge deal for one-on-one conversations, but for larger groups, it is. Many people like to use Skype during family gatherings to connect with those who live too far away to make it. On a phone or tablet, you need to constantly pass the device from one person to another. Yet with the Skype Smart TV app, everyone can sit on the sofa and comfortable talk with far-away loved ones. It will feel like they are there in the room with you.

The ability to communicate with people more easily and comfortably is one of the major advantages to the Skype Smart TV app, and it’s one of the reasons why it makes it onto the list of the best apps for your Smart TV.
6 YouTube Somewhere near 5 billion YouTube videos are watched everyday around the world. Considering the world’s population is around 7 billion, that means nearly every person in the world watches at least one YouTube video per day. But you also need to keep in mind that not everyone in the world has internet access, or the ability to watch videos, so this should help put into perspective just how widely-used this internet service is.

You can access YouTube from pretty much any device, be it your phone, computer, tablet, smart watch, etc. But what makes the YouTube Smart TV app so useful is that you can watch videos in full-size and in high-definition. The technology available through YouTube has made it possible for people to upload videos of much higher quality. Depending on the screen of your phone, computer or tablet, and also the data plan you have, it might be difficult for you to fully enjoy these higher quality videos. On your Smart TV, which will likely come equipped with the most recent high definition capabilities, this won’t be a problem.

The introduction of YouTube Live is also something that makes this app particularly useful. Live events can be streamed through YouTube, meaning all you need to watch some major sporting events, political debates, important speeches, etc., is the app and an internet connection. Since you can then broadcast these feeds through your TV, you can watch them on a big screen without having to plug in any extra devices.

YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the entire world, so it makes sense that their Smart TV app is one of the best Smart TV apps you can have.
7 NBC Sports Live sports have become one of the most important parts of modern television. As popularity for things such as NFL football, NBA basketball, English Premier League soccer, etc. rises, so does the demand for networks and TV stations that broadcast these increasingly important events. NBC, which has long been one of the major networks for both sports and regular television, launched NBC Sports several years ago to help meet this demand. Since then, several other networks have done the same, but because NBC was first, it has a lot more to offer than many other networks.

For example, NBC broadcasts Sunday Night Football, which has replaced Monday Night Football as the most important game of the NFL week. Furthermore, NBC sports also has the exclusive rights to broadcast the English Premier League in the United States, making this app a must have for anyone who loves soccer, or football (depending on where you’re from). NBC sports also has access to the Olympics and most major golf tournaments. And on top of this, there are countless hours of analysis and discussion for those who love watching sports all the time.

Part of the reason NBC Sports is such a useful app is that it’s not included in all cable packages, unlike its major competitor, ESPN. As a result, it’s quite possible you’ll be able to watch whatever is on ESPN without the app, but if you don’t have the right package for cable, then you may be out of luck for whatever is on NBC Sports. However, subscribing to the app makes all this go away and gives you the ability to watch all your favorite sporting events whenever you want.
8 Pandora For most of us, our home entertainment systems are about more than just movies and television. We use them to play video games as well, and with the addition of a Smart TV, you can also use them to talk to people, surf the internet, and, of course, listen to music.

Streaming online music was illegal for a long time. Sites such as Napster got it started, but they were quickly regulated and forced to change. Since then, several services have popped up that allow you to stream as much music as you want for a monthly fee. Or, sometimes you can stream for free, but to do this, you need to accept certain limitations. For example, the free version of Pandora limits the amount of times you can skip past a song, and it also forces you to listen to advertisements every once in a while. For some this is okay, but for those who want more control, you can purchase the premium version and enjoy additional features.

Pandora is an incredibly useful app to have for your Smart TV because it allows you to broadcast music continuously using your more powerful speaker system. You could hook up your phone to a Bluetooth device, but these usually don’t fill the room with sound the same way that you can with the home theater system set up to your Smart TV.

It also allows for continuous playback. Just log in to the app, open up a station and let it go. Your living room, and maybe even your entire home, will quickly fill up with sound. And since the app stays up while you’re not there, anyone can walk by and see which song is playing or put on something of their choosing. Because of this, the Pandora Smart TV app is very useful for those who like to entertain often. But even if you don’t, it’s a very helpful app that you should seriously consider downloading to make the most of your Smart TV.
9 Facebook Facebook completely changed the way we interact with each other. It’s made it easier for people to communicate with each other, to spread news, and for business to interact with customers. Most people have Facebook for their phones and tablets, but getting it for your Smart TV is also a good idea.

There are a few reasons for this. First, the Facebook Smart TV app allows you to use Facebook just like you would on your other devices but on a much bigger screen. Videos and images will appear larger, and text will also be easier to read. You can scroll through your news feed and comment on your friends’ statuses and photos much more comfortable, although it’s true that typing using your TV remote is a little more difficult than on your phone.

Another reason why the Facebook app is so useful for your Smart TV is that Facebook now has Facebook live. Much like YouTube live, this is a service where you can watch live events that are streamed through Facebook. They’re free to watch as long as you have an account with Facebook. Ad with the Facebook Smart TV app, you can watch them in full screen and full HD.

One example of something that has been released recently on Facebook Live is the Tom Brady documentary. The legendary football player describes how he’s had so much success, discusses tips for helping people live the way they want to live, and gives some insight into his life outside of football. If you have the Facebook Smart TV app, then you can easily watch this type of program on your big TV, which is far more comfortable.

It’s true there are some aspects of Facebook better done on your phone, such as commenting and messaging, which is why this app is lower down on the list. But there are still lots of useful features, which have helped this app make it into list of best Smart TV apps.
10 Gametime Both the MLB and the NBA are growing in popularity. Exciting new stars are emerging all the time, and this has rejuvenated both sports, in terms of television viewership and also attendance. However, one of the things that limits the growth of these sports is that there are many, many games. In baseball, there might be as many as 16 games in one day. Most people only have access to one or maybe two of these through local and national broadcasts. For those really interested in the sport, this simply isn’t enough.

You can get access to more games by purchasing a sports package through your cable company, but these are very expensive and often include many services you don’t need or want. A good alternative is to sign up for services such as or NBA Gametime. This will give you access to nearly all games (local matches are usually blacked out) plus all sorts of highlights and commentaries.

Once you have access to the service, you can download the app and watch any and all of these games in full HD on your big screen Smart TV. It’s really a great way for you to get access to all the sports that you want without having to pay for stuff that you want.

There are other services for other sports, such as hockey and soccer, but they are far less popular. Currently, the NFL does not have an app like this, since it has given monopoly rights to DirecTV to broadcast all the games. So to enjoy all the sports you want easily and cheaply, make sure to download either the NBA Gametime or apps, two of the best Smart TV apps available on today’s market.

Smart TV apps

A Smart TV can be a great addition to your home entertainment system. But it will only be as useful as the apps you download for it. This list contains a ranking of the top ten most useful Smart TV apps. Consider downloading them so that you can make the most of Smart TV experience.