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Metalcore has been a music genre for quite a while now, and with the industry fast growing and more bands starting up showcasing their music for everyone, we thought it was only fitting to rank the top 10 best metalcore music bands from the USA. All of these bands started later than 1970 and a lot of them are still present making music now. This ranking is based on research and how popular the band is in terms of sales, fans, and general liking of the band by society. There are so many talented and skilled musicians and bands out there that this list isn’t limited to the 10 that exist, there are many other successful metalcore bands that didn’t make the list and still make good music.

The 10 Best Metalcore Bands from the USA

Metalcore Band
1 As I Lay Dying Formed in San Diego, California, this five-man band have had a lot of success in their music career. Ever since coming together in 2000, their popularity has only grown in the form of thousands of fans. Originally compiled of members; Phil Sgrosso, Tim Labesis, Jordan Mancino, Clint Norris, and Nick Hipa, the band ended up splitting in 2014 due to a member being incarcerated but was started back up by Tim Lambesis in 2017. They have been number 1 in the top rock chart multiple times as well as peaking in the Billboard 200 (which is very rare for a metalcore band). The band has also been nominated for different awards including a Grammy Award (in 2008), and they also won a San Diego Music Award 3 times. After releasing 6 studio albums, and tourng many times, the band built up one of the biggest in the world. They have had a lot of criticism from the press about their religion in the past as some members did associate themselves with Christianity but later in their bands career many of the bands labelled themselves atheists. Some of their popular songs include; ‘The Sound of Truth’, ’94 Hours’ and ‘The Darkest Nights’.

For all information regarding As I Lay Dying you can see their Metal Blade profile as they don’t have an official website:
2 Killswitch Engage Perhaps one of the most influential metalcore bands of the 21st century, Killswitch Engage have a history of releasing popular and smash hit songs as well as winning many awards. In 1999, two bands who had disbanded came together to create Killswitch Engage and they have since gone on to be very successful in their industry. They gained popularity in 2004 when they released their album ‘The End of Heartache’ which reached 21 in the Billboard 200. They have since been nominated for a Grammy for that album as well as performing at festivals all around the world including; Reading and Leeds Festival, Rock on the Raneg, and Heavy MTL. Since releasing their first song they have sold over 4 million records in the US alone and still are gaining more popularity in other countries. Their longest running members are: Adam Dutkiewicz, Jesse Leach, Joel Stroetzel, Mike D’Antonio and Justin Foley, but the band has had other member that have left during their active music career. They have released 7 albums and have been nominated for 13 awards winning 5. For a metalcore, they’re one of the most successful in terms of sales and popularity.

For all official information about Killswitch Engage including upcoming tours or albums, you can see their website here:
3 Avenged Sevenfold Also known as A7X, the band was formed in 1999 in Calfornia, US and have become one of the leading metalcore bands in the world. Comprising of 5 members; M Shadows, Brooks Wackerman, Zacky Vengeance, Synyster Gates and Johnny Christ. They are known for their diverse and unique sound as well as the dramatic imagery on the front of their album covers and merchandise. The band has debuted at number 1 multiple times and continue to top the charts in rock and the Billboard 200. When stating who they have been influenced by, the band often name the big rock and metal bands including; Iron Maiden, Guns N’ Roses, and Slayer. However, their sound and music has definitely evolved over their career with some for their albums being consistent with metalcore and others dipping into a punk rock sound. This has always been beneficial for the band as it keeps them relevant and updated with everything that is going on in the media. A7X have released 7 studio albums have won over 12 awards during their active music career making them some of the most successful metalcore musicians.

If you’re interested in keeping updated on the latest information about Avenged Sevenfold, then you can visit their official website here:
4 Lamb of God Formally known as Burn the Priest, the 5 man band from Richmond in Virginia were formed in 1994 but changed to Lamb of God (LoG) in 1999. Ever since their name change they gained popularity in the metalcore and heavy metal industry. Consisting of musicians from all different backgrounds including; John Campbell, Randy Blythe, Willie Adler, Chris Adler and Mark Morton. They have released 8 studio albums (in the time they have been both Burn the Priest and Lamb of God), as well as one live album and 3 DVD’s. for their 2009 album named ‘Wrath’ they were nominated for 2 Grammy Awards as well as for their song ‘512’ in 2016. They have appeared at many festivals including Sonisphere Festival, Gigantour and Soundwave Festival. Between 2008 and 2010 they toured with Metallica and have gained even more popularity since doing that tour. In early 2018 it was revealed that the band would be releasing another album under their official Burn the Priest name.

For all the official information including updates of their album and tour dates you can see their website here:
5 Converge Formed in 1990 with just two members; Jacob Bannon and Kurt Ballou, the metalcore band soon gained success and more band members as they started to release albums for the public to hear. Their most successful album named ‘Jane Doe’ was released when the band became a four-piece. Since being active in their music career they have released 9 studio albums as well as numerous EP’s and 3 live albums as well as changing up their style in their different albums. They have always associated themselves with heavy metal as well as metalcore and tend to keep their singles and albums along these lines but since they started in the punk underground, some of their older albums and songs take a more punk approach. They have experienced a lot of recognition for all the music they have produced and are often regarded as one of the most original bands to emerge from the punk underground. A lot of their album covers are often commented on as being unique and endearing since the lead singer and guitarist designs them all himself and has done since 1996.

If you’re interested in finding out more information about Converge, their history, and their upcoming albums you can do so by visiting their official website here:
6 Pierce the Veil Even though they were only formed in 2006 and are one of the youngest metalcore bands that are actively making music, Pierce the Veil have had a lot of success with their albums and songs after they’re released. It was founded by brothers Mike and Vic Fuentes as well as the other members Tony Perry and Jaime Preciado. Mike has since left the group but the other 3 remain making music. Since becoming popular they have released 3 studio albums and have toured all over the world playing huge stadiums and festivals for their fans. They have also been nominated for various awards including Kerrang! Awards, Alternative Press Music Awards and the San Diego Music Awards. The bands most early influences came from the metalcore industry and that’s where they originally started but have since evolved, but still stay true to their roots when making certain songs. Some of their most popular songs include: ‘King for a Day’, ‘Floral and Fading’ and ‘Bulletproof Love’.

You can find out more information about Pierce the Veil and their history by visiting their official website here:
7 Of Mice & Men Another younger band formed in Orange County, California, in 2009 is Of Mice & Men who are one of the biggest metalcore bands in the industry at the moment and currently consists of 4 members. These members are; Aaron Pauley, Phil Manansala, Valentino Arteaga and Alan Ashby, however the main has had multiple past members including Austin Carlile who founded the group. Despite the departure of the founder in late 2009, the band still has gone on to be very successful and release 5 studio albums and been a part of 25 tours including the Warped Tour, Soundwave, and the Right Back At It Again tour (with other rock and metal bands). Carlile returned back to the group 3 years later in 2012 but shortly departed again in 2017 due to health problems. Even with all the band member changes throughout the years, Of Mice & Men have still been able to keep a strong following and have very successful and influential music. Some of their popular songs include; ‘Bones Exposed’, ‘Second & Sebring’, and ‘YDG’. The band name actually originated from the popular classic of the same name Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck and was used because the founders associated themselves as screw ups just like the book entails of life.

If you’re interested in finding out more information about Of Mice & Men, any upcoming albums or tours, then you can see their official website here:
8 Snapcase After starting up in Buffalo, New York and signing to Victory Records in 1991, the all-American metalcore band have gone on to be pretty successful in the world of metal and punk. The industry is currently swamped with thousands of metal and metalcore bands that are making the most out of their popularity. However, unfortunately Snapcase, after their successes decided to spilt off from each other in 2005 but did come together from 2010 to 2017 for a few reunion shows including the This is Hardcore festival in 2015 and the Town Ballroom in Buffalo in 2016. They released 5 studio albums as well as 3 EP’s, 4 demos and 11 compilations during their time making music and toured around the depths of the world. They also supported many musicians in the metal industry on tour when they weren’t headlining their own shows. Some of their popular songs include; ‘Caboose’, ‘Typecast Modulator’, and ‘Exile Etiquette’. Despite not being together anymore, the band still remains in contact and regularly meet up as friends.

For all the official information regarding Snapcase and their previous achievements then you can visit their website here:
9 Misery Signals After the disbandment of several other bands, Misery Signals came together in 2002 in Wisconsin, Alberta. Ever since they have been working on music and creating a metalcore industry that people feel comfortable in. Their sound is different to other bands as they use melodies that are backed up by odd time signatures and breakdowns. The band consists of 5 members; Ryan Morgan, Jesse Zaraska, Stuart Ross, Branden Morgan, and Kyle Johnson. Despite originally being signed to Ferret records they have changed their record label in order to have more control over their music. They have released 4 studio albums and 1 EP since starting their music career which has sold throughout the world. They’re loved by many fans and have a growing following which is shown by their sales. Some of their most popular songs include; ‘A Certain Death’, ‘The Fail Safe’, and ‘Worlds & Dreams’.

For everything related to Misery Signals you can see their official website here:
10 Zao Zao has changed so much since their original formation in 1993, none of their original members remain to this day and they have encountered many changes since they started releasing music. There are 5 members but have been 11 previous members involved in the band, allowing the band to evolve and change with the times. They have released 10 studio albums, 4 EP’s and done multiple concerts and performances globally. They’re known by many fans all over the world and regularly get critical praise from the press as being one of the best metalcore bands. Since metalcore is a niche music genre, there are a limited number of fans that they can reach, but they have reached many of them and touched the hearts of metalcore fans from everywhere. Christianity is often seen as a key influencer in the bands early work, with newer members disassociating themselves with the religious side of the songs. Much of their early work would praise God and preach about Christianity. Their most popular albums include; ‘Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest’ and ‘The Well-Intentioned Virus’.

If you’re interested in finding out more information regarding Zao including its current members and upcoming albums, you can see their website here:

The History of Metalcore and Metal Music

Many of the best Metalcore bands come from all over the world, but it primarily started back in the mid 1980’s with bands such as Suicidal Tendencies and Agnostic Front. By mixing punk, with hardcore and trash music, the bands were able to create a whole new wave of music genre that has since become one of the biggest genres in metal music. The popularity of metalcore began to increase throughout the 1990’s and it has eventually become a very influential genre of music that millions of people across all different cultures listen too. Metalcore is essentially a fusion genre that incorporates elements of both extreme metal and hardcore punk, the name is a combination of both genres. The genre is often noted for its use of breakdowns which are slow and the intense passages that often leave fans moshing.

There are various differences between metalcore and heavy metal music but a lot of people who aren’t taught the basics wouldn’t be able to hear the differences through ear. Metalcore and heavy metal a lot in common though such as the subgenres of death metal but metalcore always seems to be slightly different in the way it incorporates hardcore punk and breakdowns. The original ‘metalcore’ name was used to describe a crossover of bands that played both metal and hardcore punk music in the early 1980’s. then a new wave of metalcore bands emerged at the end of 1989 towards 1995, these included the likes of Snapcase, Vision of Disorder, and Hatebreed. These metalcore bands started to increase the fanbase of the genre and bring it a lot more popularity, thus leading to Metalcore becoming one of the biggest rock and metal genres in the world. The most popular Metalcore bands came later though with the likes of Killswitch Engage, All That Remains and Lamb of God coming together and being the spotlight of Metalcore music.

A Timeline of Metalcore Events

1984 – Metalcore was born at a Berkeley Club called Ruthies in California, USA.

1986 – Agnostic Front (one of the first metalcore bands to become popular) release their album ‘Cause for Alarm’ in collaboration with Peter Steele which broke through and started the revolution of metal and hardcore punk being together as a genre.

1989 – Snapcase is formed in a basement in New York under the name Solid State with 4 members; Mike Kimaid, Scott Dressler, Tiger Balduf and Daryl Taberski (who were all teenagers!)

1991 – Converge start to borrow sounds of death metal in their music along with Earth Crisis and Hatebreed.

1994 – Lamb of God is formed and named Burn the Priest with all the members attending college in Richmond, Virginia.

1996 – Ozzfest is founded by Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon Osbourne which showcases various heavy metal and hard rock bands (including black metal, thrash metal and post-hardcore)

1999 – Metalcore bands start gaining more popularity through the increase in popularity for Slayer. Thus, meaning that more metalcore bands start to form and the industry slowly begins to widen.

2000 – As I Lay Dying are formed in San Diego, California. They slowly become one of the biggest and best metalcore bands and are known all over the world for their unique sound.

2001 – With Metalcore becoming more popular, there arises several new metalcore record labels that sign bands (independently!) these labels were called Metal Blade and Century Media.

2002 – Killswitch Engages album Alive or Just Breathing brings Metalcore into the spotlight again after some time in the background with the popularity of death metal.

2002 – Misery Signals is formed in Wisconsin, Alberta with 3 members.

2004 – Atreyu’s 3rd album to be released debuts at 20, 21, and 36 in the Billboard album charts which is a huge deal for the Metalcore community as it was always unlikely that their albums and music reached the charts.

2007 – As I Lay Dying have their song ‘Nothing Left’ nominated for a Grammy in the Best Metal Performance category.

2010 – Metalcore continues evolving and starts to incorporate more elements that are beyond rock and metal, such as synthesizers. There are still a growing number of bands being formed and creating a name for themselves, whilst there are successful bands making creative music for the world to hear.

2012 – Metalcore bands start to get recognition and get prominent slots in various festivals around the world including Download Festival (in the UK), Ozzfest and Warped Tour.

2013 – British Metalcore band Bring Me the Horizon release their 4th album which is not only critically acclaimed but debuts at number 3 in the UK charts and number 1 in Australia showing how far the industry has come and how much it has developed since being born in the 80’s.

2015 – More bands start coming from the underground revival scene and bring back the sounds of 1990’s metalcore with the influence of legendary bands like Converge and Integrity. These bands include the likes of Code Orange, Knocked Loose and Baptists.