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Around the world there are various fashion shows and they are increasingly becoming more popular as society continues to be obsessed with fashion and the latest trends. However, despite the thousands of fashion shows happening every month in all different countries, there are a certain few that top the rest. From New York Fashion Week to Coco Chanel’s annual fashion event, there are so many unique yet perfectly great fashion shows that millions of people enjoy year in and out. We have composed a list of the top 10 most popular ones and have ranked them below in order from the best. All of the shows are beautiful in their own way and showcase some of the best pieces of fashion that the world has ever seen but this ranking is based off of the shows numbers, popularity and other surrounding factors.

The 10 Best Fashion Shows in the World

Fashion Show
1 New York Fashion Week Two times a year in February and September there are a series of fashion events/shows in New York City, USA showcasing some of the biggest and best fashion designers and talent there is. It is part of the ‘Big 4’ of fashion weeks and is often considered one of the biggest fashion events in the world. The week normally lasts around 7 to 9 days and during this time there are so many international fashion collections that are modelled to the press and the public. It began in 1993 and was founded by the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), however the fashion week trend had started in London, UK, in the 1980s. After the success of ‘Press Week’ which originated for the same purpose around 50 years prior to the founding of New York Fashion Week in 1943. It is possibly the biggest event out of all of the fashion weeks around the world, and many designers dream of being accepted onto the runways. It is actually that big that the NYFW events was sold for $2.3 billion in 2013 and has grown even more since this. There are many venues around the city that hold different events as many designers present their collections in places that relate to their designs with many designers opting for edgier runway setting than the traditional ones which we know and are used too.

To find out all the official information about New York Fashion Weeks and their upcoming events, you can see their website here:
2 Paris Fashion Week Another one of the ‘Big 4’ fashion shows is Paris Fashion Week, despite not being as popular and widely known as it’s other counterparts, there is still a lot of brilliant designers and world-class models who walk down the famous runways. The Big 4 events start with London Fashion Week and ends with Paris. The first recognised Paris Fashion Week event was held in 1973 and was organised by Haute Couture and Men’s Fashion. The event was actually a fundraiser to restore and raise money for the Palace of Versailles, and it aimed to reach $60 million dollars. Designers from America and France joined and attended the event, these were designers such as Stephen Burrows, Yves Saint Laurent, and de Givenchy. The French designers each held their own showing and catwalk whereas due to errors, the American designers had to share and collectively hold one showing with Paris as a common theme. Since the first show many years ago, fashion week events have grown a lot in popularity and are now visited by many people from all around the world.

If you’re interested in keeping up to date with the Paris Fashion Week events then you can see their website here:
3 London Fashion Week Showing over 250 global designers to a media and retailer influence, London Fashion Week is also one of the ‘Big 4’. It is a clothing trade show that happens twice a year in February and September, it isn’t available to the general public but there is a festival for 4 days at the end of the fashion week which fashionistas and the general public can go too. The first London Fashion Week took place in October of 1983 and was organised and founded by the British Fashion Council (BFC). The retail focused London Fashion Weeek Festival always takes place afterward the main event in the same venue but didn’t start until many years after the press and media event was set up. Statistics show that the trade event is attended by over 5,000 buyers and press members and the festival is attended by many more, with both events often selling out. Typically, it is held in 180 Strand in London, United Kingdom and has been for many years, however, there are multiple events that take place in external locations around central London.

For all the official information and updated events happening around London Fashion Week, you can see the website here:
4 Berlin Premium International Fashion Trade Show After first taking place in January 2003, the Premium International Fashion Show has become Berlin’s leading fashion event and has revolutionised concepts ever since. Held in unique, beautiful locations in the countries capital, the show holds a visionary spirit the founders envisioned for fashion and lifestyle on stage and on the catwalk. Taking place biannually in the Station-Berlin exhibition halls, it has over 60,000 visitors and highlights over 1,300 collections on the catwalk. The various locations and exhibition halls span over 23,000 square metres and brings together premium brands as well as those in the lifestyle sector. Each season, the most innovative products and in-demand collections are united in one place, with everything being included; from women’s classic dresses, to menswear and unique footwear. Likewise, to London Fashion Week, the Premium Fashion Show is only exclusively available to those in the trading professional, this could be the press, buyers, or exhibitors. The vision of the show was to recreate and inventing a trading show that transforms Berlin into a fashion hotspot, the show has certainly helped towards that!

For anymore information about the Berlin Premium Fashion Trade Show, you can see their official website and keep up to date with their events here:
5 China Fashion Week Despite not being apart of the other bigger Fashion Week’s, China Fashion Wek is unique and beautiful in its own way as it adds an Asian touch to all of the designs and brings a lot more trends into light. So many Chinese designers showcase their abilities and collections through catwalks and exhibitions. These collections range from anything like new designs to read-to-wear accessories. The week happens twice a year with dates in March and October, but these are always individually determined by the China Fashion Federation. Each Fashion Week has a theme, past themes have included; Crazy Eye Makeup (2013) and Chinese Embroidery (2012). Awards are often given out to certain fashion designers for their collections which include, fashion model awards and fashion elite awards. Designers from all over the globe come to Beijing in China every year to showcase their designs, even those from Russia, Sweden and Italy.

Find out more information about China Fashion Week on their official website here:
6 Dubai Shopping Festival The biggest trading event that is held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates started in February 1996 but has since became more of a tourist attraction as it an annual month-long event. Attracting over 3 million people from all over the world, the festival offers shoppers discounts on their fashion items, merchandise and even offers the chance to win competitions. The festival also includes outdoor markets, flash mobs, and mega sales which is why it is so attractive to tourists and people globally. It allows consumers to get their hands on the hottest fashion trends and visit world-class retail experiences. The month-long event typically starts in December and ends in January however, this can differ every year depending on when it is organised. The festival is held across the city which means that when looking from above, you can see all of the discounted shopping events and prize winners. There are also so many fashion shows held during the event that you can see clothes being modelled before you place an order, there is also the opportunity to just see models walking the catwalk in unique and exciting designs.

If you’re wanting to find out more about the festival and the fashion shows that run along side it then you can see their official website to get the latest updates here:
7 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show The annual sponsored show has been running since 1995 and is known all over the world as one of the most prestigious yet demanding catwalks globally. Victoria’s Secret is a sleepwear and lingerie brand that holds an annual fashion show in different locations, it is known for bringing many models into the industry but has faced a lot of controversary over the size and treatment of the models. Famous and world-leading fashion models include the likes of Candice Swanepoel, Elsa Hosk, and Martha Hunt. During prime time, different American network television broadcast the show on TV yet the first few years of the show were not aired on national TV, the first was broadcast in 2001 after the show has been webcast for 2 years prior. The event isn’t ever completed with beautiful pieces, glitter feathers and elaborate designs, it is for all of these reasons and many more, that it is one of the most popular fashion shows of all time. Locations for the fashion show has included New York, Shanghai, and Paris, and it is all down to the official founders to decide on the location every year. Famous artists and musicians perform at the fashion show and often open and close the bigger catwalks. Artists like Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, and Fall Out Boy have all been aired during the show with their biggest hits.

For all the up-to-date information about the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, you can see their official website here:
8 British Fashion Council Fund Show This fashion show is completely different to the typical catwalk show with famous designers and models highlighting what fashion is all about. The British Fashion Council Fund Show allows smaller designers who have ideas and create beautifully sculptured pieces to have their time in the light. In order to be accepted you cannot be an individual designer but a group that will provide support for the emerging fashion talent and promote the industry in a positive way and boost any investment. The British Fashion Council choose certain designing companies to fund and help to grow so that they can become bigger and eventually involve themselves in other fashion events like London Fashion Week and even other international events. The normal call of funding is around June to March and then after this time, the applicants are considered and decided upon making room for more designers when others want to get involved. The winning designing teams get funded so that they can produce more pieces and promote their brand even more which is very beneficial for smaller designing companies.

Check out the official British Fashion Council website to find out more information about the funding show here:
9 Chanel Fashion Show Possibly the most famous designer of all time is Coco Chanel, since it was founded in 1909 they have been holding various fashion shows all around the world. The shows often have a certain theme in which the models all have similar outfits such as that in 2016, one of the themes was airplanes. Their runways have been located in the likes of Paris, Singapore, and Scotland. Chanel is known for their extravagant designs and elaborate pieces that break the barriers of fashion and show society that fashion can be as great or boring as you possibly want it to be. Many Chanel designs are out-of-this-world and always over-the-top, we never expect anything else. The brand has been walking catwalks and running on the runways ever since they were founded and will continue to do so as they celebrate more anniversaries throughout the years. The best thing about Chanel is that as a brand they are never predictable and will always pull out the best designs from their bag!

Find out everything you need to know about Chanel and their fashion shows here:
10 Loewe Fashion Show Housed in Madrid and founded in 1846 by Enrique Loewe Roessberg, this clothing company specialises in leather products and mainly sells bags for men and women alike. They (like most fashion brands) regularly update their collections and fit in with the seasons trends, when they do this they often hold huge fashion shows all over the world. As well as selling bags they also sell luxury accessories and other clothing items, more recently they have sold lifestyle products like journals and keyrings too. Despite not being a huge brand or fashion name, they are known for having some of the best fashion shows in the world that are regularly attended by a lot of different people.

For more information about Loewe and their brand, you can see the official website that details their fashion shows and current events here:


The History of Fashion and Fashion Shows

Year after year there are thousands of fashion shows and events put on all over the globe by various designers showcasing their talents and skills for fashion designing. Two of the most influential fashion events are Paris and New York Fashion Week with others coming closely behind it. As well as trading and press events, designers will often put on their own runways every season to highlight the upcoming trends and what people will be able to get their hands on in the coming year or two.

In a typical fashion show, there are multiple models that walk the catwalk and are dressed in the clothing that is created by the specific designer. Lightening illuminates the runway in order to see the clothing pieces more clearly and there is normally a statement piece in every outfit which the designer wants to focus on so will thus try to focus this and centre it when they’re walking down the runway.

Historically, fashion shows have been around for centuries, French salons used to have ‘fashion parades’ in the early 1800’s to showcase their outfits and by the 1900’s, there were many American retailers that has started importing the concept of a fashion show with the first ever fashion show being held in 1903 in New York. Over the next 10 years, as the fashion industry started to boom, and more designers were making their own fashion brands, so many more fashion shows started to happen. By the 1920’s there were hundreds of US retailers holding fashion shows, mostly they followed a theme and would hold a narrative that interested people. Slowly, by the 1970s and early 1980s many American designers had started running and organising their own fashion shows by hiring out exhibition halls and fashion places so that the general public and press could attend and give their thoughts on the new designs ready for the coming season.

As technology has continued to improve, there have been more designers attempting to modernise the presentation of fashion show by adding digital backgrounds and music behind the models. Ralph Lauren used the catwalk at New York Fashion Week in 2014 to showcase his Spring collection through an underwater project that was filmed in Manhattan. Since they first start hundreds of years ago, fashion shows and events have really improved and changed for the better. There is no doubt that as time goes on they will only continue to improve, in terms of modelling and how designers utilise the catwalk with their clothes ans new pieces. Fashion shows are also often recorded at the time and shown later on television programmes or some are even made into documentaries which are broadcast to the world after being produced. Designer Tom Ford even created a music video with Lady Gaga for his 2016 collection which was an international hit with his fans and the musicians fans too.

A Historic Timeline of Fashion Shows

1800’s – Designers started to employ women to wear their designs and walk around press-covered events such as races, this allowed them to get noticed and photographed by the media and thus got the designers work out into the world and promoted for free.

1905 – More high-end designers start to employ in-house models and buy mannequins that display their clothes and present their elite designs. These models sometimes would provide their own private and informal shows that often-included models walking around the stores whilst customers looked around and drank tea.

1908/1910 – These fashion shows (also known as fashion parades at the time!) started becoming more popular and designers employed many models to showcase their designs.

1918 – There were 2 fixed fashion shows in Paris every year where foreign buyers could come and see the show and presentations.

1920 – Hundreds of retailers throughout the US hold fashion shows that are theatrical and have an organised theme in which the designs stick with. This increased the popularity of fashion shows even more.

1943 – The first ever New York Fashion Week was created by Eleanor Lambert who worked with various designers to revolutionise the fashion industry.

1947 – Christian Dior debuts his revolutionary corolle collection and this allows fashion shows to become a lot more serious with events becoming hosted in salons or small venues like hotels. Audiences become seated and were often crammed into small rooms with journalists and retail buyers staying near the front.

1970 – With a popular increase in the number of menswear boutiques, there is a rise in popularity and demand for male models as before this point, models were predominantly women who presented women’s pieces.

1973 – The first ever Paris Fashion Week is held and organised by Haute Couture.

1973 – Designer Kenzo presents a large-scale show that is on a stage rather than a runway putting emphasis on spectacle rather that the couture tradition.

1985 – There becomes a regularly broadcast of these ready-to-wear fashion shows that are on cable television which increased public awareness of catwalk shows and popularised models and their industry.

1990 – Modelling is now socially accepted as a profession and there are increasing amount of young people wanting to go into the industry.